Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) eLearning CoursesĀ 

The Nile Basin Initiative is an intergovernmental organization that offers short training courses in various domains of water resource management. These include hydrology, transboundary water issues, and sustainability, with courses on water quality monitoring and assessment upcoming. 

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment in Rivers/Lakes/Resevoirs

UNEP GEMS/Water CDC Outline This module describes the essential aspects of the physical, chemical and biological interactions in surface waters, that are necessary for designing an effective monitoring and assessment programme and for interpretation of the results. Key features of successful assessment programmes will be identified. Potential approaches to analysing and presenting surface water quality READ MORE

Freshwater Monitoring Programme Design

UNEP GEMS/Water CDC Outline This module works through the step by step process of designing a monitoring programme in relation to different monitoring objectives in different water bodies. An emphasis is placed on good practice in order to ensure reliable data are generated. Approached to the selection of monitoring stations, monitoring methods and water quality READ MORE